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Mac to the MAX


What happens when you take the sweetest treat in France and throw in a splash of an American classic? A new intercontinental delicacy, that’s what.

Cafe Disco has given us a gift, Oklahoma City. They have perfected both, the French macaron and an edible chocolate chip cookie dough, and combined them to create one perfect little bite. Let’s get to the details!

The Cookie Dough Mac

  • This macaron is Cafe Disco’s August special so (first thing’s first), you’ve got to get there soon to enjoy it!

  • The macaron cookies are baked with a basic almond flavor. They are light, uniform in texture and appearance (little critique I received from The Great British Baking Show) and allow the cookie dough filling to shine.

  • They nailed the cookie dough filling with a classic, equal-parts-white-and-brown-sugar taste and tiny chunks of chocolate to round it out.

  • Don’t worry—the dough is safe to each. And guess what? The mac and dough are both gluten-free!


The Cookie Tour Stop

Cafe Disco is a cute little macaron shop in nestled in the heart of Downtown Oklahoma City. Their specialties are Macs (macarons) and Capps (cappucino), which is a pretty perfect pairing if you ask me. The owner, Amanda Sakurai, has a passion for macarons and it shines through the care she takes to present them.

When you visit Cafe Disco, you walk into Oklahoma City’s historic Main Street Arcade to find an airy bistro with a rainbow of macarons waiting to be chosen from the case. With a comfy pink couch and tables built for two, Cafe Disco is the perfect place to sit and catch up with someone you love.

As for flavors, I’ve yet to find one I haven’t enjoyed. Of course I’m obsessed with this month’s special, but strawberry, honey lavender and chocolate with salted caramel have all given me the heart eyes.


While You’re There

The Arcade is home to more than just Cafe Disco. You’ll also find a gorgeous nail salon and OKC’s most Instagram-worthy bar. Bar Arbolada (known affectionately as Abracadabra by my friends) has the coolest vibe as well as refreshing cocktails on a summer day. It’s a local favorite for a casual happy hour or special celebration. It’s also within walking distance to another one of my most-frequented places, the Civic Center Music Hall. What? Did we just plan your next girls’ night? Mani/pedis at Revel 8, pre-show Macs and Capps at Cafe Discco, a fabulous musical or ballet, and then post-show drinks. BRB, texting my friends with the plan…

In the meantime, why don’t you dance your way downtown and try this gem? I’ll see you there!

Simply warm. Simply delightful.

Cuppies & Joe

Chocolate Chip Cookie | Oklahoma City

I love the simplicity of chocolate chip cookies and how they can make you feel warm on the inside because of their goodness.  For me, none can do this quite like the cookie from Cuppies & Joe.* 

*Your cookies do this, too, Mom.  Don’t worry - yours haven’t been replaced.  

The cookie from Cuppies & Joe is a classic.  It’s got the perfect level of sweetness.  It’s soft throughout.  And that chip-to-dough ratio?  Couldn’t be more ideal.  If you’re looking for a cookie that will give you the quiet comfort and delight that only a chocolate chip cookie can give, this is the Cookie Tour stop for you.



Cuppies & Joe is the coziest coffee shop in Oklahoma City.  It’s nestled in a bungalow on 23rd Street and offers vintage furniture and beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers.  With plenty of natural light and a nook wallpapered in pages of old books, you’ll feel like grabbing a hot coffee, curling up with a good book (or some work on your laptop), and staying a while.  It’s a little jaunt down the street from the hot spots of Uptown 23rd, so you should venture to Cuppies when you’re ready to slow it down.  You’re also only a couple blocks away from Perle Mesta Park.  Named for America’s “Hostess with the Mostest,” Mesta Park boasts gorgeous homes from the early 1900’s and a prime place for a picnic.



You’ve GOTTA try the Boom Boom Pow.  It’s a vanilla bean cupcake with a dollop of salted caramel surrounded by a ring of chocolate buttercream icing.  Top it all off with a sprinkle of sea salt and WOW.    You’ve got a mind-blowing cupcake on your hands.  

Trying to Cookie Tour through Uptown 23rd? Don’t miss this stop!  

Hunka Hunka Chocolate Love

Cafe 7 & Old School Bagel Co.

Chocolate Chip Cookie | Oklahoma City & Tulsa

WOWOWOWOWOW.  That’s what you’re going to say when you find this hunk of a cookie.  It’s huge, it’s fat, it’s chock-full of chocolate.  That’s why I’ve dubbed this the “hunka hunka chocolate love.” (Please enjoy this Elvis pun.)

The chocolate chip cookie and friends sit right next to the cash register in all Cafe 7 and Old School Bagel Cafe restaurants.  It’s like the managers know that once you see these cookies, you have to have one.  It’s partially out of curiosity because you look at it and think, “Wow, that is huge. And it’s topped with a Hershey bar.  This cookie is not messing around.  But does it taste good?”  The other part of the thought process is, “There is so much chocolate I have to have it now!!!”  I think the latter is probably the more normal response.  Either way, you just seem to find your hand floating up to the shelves and grabbing one to add to your meal.


For the size of this cookie, it is surprisingly chewy.  There’s not a crisp piece of dough on this cookie.  Speaking of dough, it tastes freshly baked and has a strong brown sugar sweetness.  The chocolate chip cookie is dense, so you’ll want to share it with a friend (especially after you’ve enjoyed one of their delicious sandwiches or bagels).  It’s topped with a bite-sized Hershey bar, so the only thing you and your cookie buddy will fight over is who got the half with the Hershey bar! 


The Cookie Tour Stop

One of the best things about this cookie is that you can get it at multiple locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.  If you’re headed to the Cafe 7 in Downtown OKC, you’ll want to hop over to the Myriad Gardens to see the city’s most beautiful park or enjoy the patio at Flint (one of my personal favorites) with a cool glass of wine.  The Old School Bagel Co. at Uptown 23rd is within walking distance to several local restaurants, bars, and shops - perfect for a Saturday stroll.   You might even walk over to catch a show at the Tower Theatre.  They’ve got touring shows and local bands playing most nights.  They’ve also taken this renovated movie theatre back to its roots by showing cult classics and Indie films.  Films I’ve seen here: Batman Returns and Ladybird.  10/10 would recommend. 


While You’re There

You’ve also got to try the Reese’s Pieces cookie.  It’s another cookie worthy of the heart eyes emoji—peanut butter dough filled with Reese’s Pieces and chunks of peanuts.  It’s got the same density and softness as the chocolate chip cookie.  This combo is mind boggling to me.  My only question - can I have the recipe?

Elemental Coffee


 Elemental Coffee is one of my go-to places to work, catch up with a friend, or (of course) grab a chocolate chip cookie.  I LOVE these cookies.  They’re huge, they’re sweet and they’ve got the perfect amount of sea salt sprinkled on top.  They somehow magically taste just like cookie dough without being doughy at all.  Plus, they’re vegan, which is a whole other mystery to me.  I never understand how vegan cookies can be that good without butter.  But it’s possible!  I may have to try to bake them for myself one of these days, but until then, I’ll get my fix at Elemental.



Elemental is known for its signature in-house roasts.  The staff is always friendly, there is ample seating, and lots and lots of sunlight.  You’ll want to bring a book or something to work on and stay for a while.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but I’m not a coffee drinker.  I believe the Elemental-loyal, though, when they say their coffee is among the best in town.  I recently discovered their apple orchard green tea.  I am obsessed!  It’s got the perfect hint of apple and, when it’s iced, it’s incredibly refreshing on a warm day.  



The shop is in Midtown, so there is lots to do just steps away.  If you get hungry after your coffee and cookie, you should check out Tamashii Ramen House.  It’s just across the street from Elemental, has incredible ramen and is an OKC foodie favorite.  Save room for the garlic fried rice and gyoza.




Hot dang! That’s what they say about their Nashville hot chicken at NASHBIRD, but I think that should apply to their chocolate chip cookie, too.  This cookie might be as big as my face.  It’s thin and chewy all the way through.  Sometimes when cookies are this big, the chocolate chips are really spread out.  Not this time!  This cookie is loaded with chips.  And the brown sugar taste? Hot dang!  I’ll take the whole stack of these babies!




Needless to say, you have to try the Nashville hot chicken.  NASHBIRD offers different levels of heat, so fire it up to your heart’s content.  I’m sure you’re not surprised to find out that I’m not very brave when it comes to spicy foods (I have a cookie blog - the only heat you’ll find here is when cookies are fresh out of the oven), so I opted for the “chirp.”  That’s the lowest heat level you can go.  It was still spicy to me, but SO GOOD.  Their batter is crispy and the chicken is tender.  I also love their mac and cheese.  It’s creamy and pairs perfectly with the kick of the chicken.  



NASHBIRD is on 9th street, which is one of my favorite streets in the city.  You’ve got tasty food - Iguana Mexican Grill, S&B Burger Joint, Sara Sara Cupcakes - cute shops and the brightest, most instagrammable building in OKC, the Womb Gallery.  Excuse me for not providing a photo here, but you’ll know it when you see it.  When you’re done strolling 9th, walk over to Broadway for a trip down Automobile Alley.  More great shops - Sara Kate Studios, Plenty and SHOPGOOD - pizza, tacos, and steak.  There’s a new market on 8th Street, just south of NASHBIRD, that’s home to Prairie Artisan Ales, one of Oklahoma’s best craft breweries.  Looks like you’ll have to make a day of it to get through the whole neighborhood!


Torchy’s Tacos


When you think of a taco shop, you don’t normally think of chocolate chip cookies.  That’s why these cookies aren’t normal.  The Lil’ Nookies at Torchy’s Tacos are bite-sized balls of dough deep fried in a delicious batter.  They blew my mind!  They came out warm, gooey and oozing with chocolate.  That was the first time I’d had fried cookie dough balls, and it certainly won’t be the last. 



Torchy’s is known for its unique tacos, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.  Their sides are also crazy good.  Just take a look at the photo - I ordered everything!  Their queso and refried black beans are two of my favorites.  And of course, they pair well with the Lil’ Nookies.  


I visited their location on South Congress in Austin, but lucky for you, they have locations across Texas and Oklahoma.  If you do find yourself in Austin, take a walk down South Congress.  There are lots of stores that are truly one-of-a-kind where you can find that perfect souvenir to remind you to “Keep Austin Weird.”  

The Hall's Pizza Kitchen


I stumbled on this beauty while I was enjoying The Hall’s delicious pizza.  Salted caramel with my favorite, chocolate chip? Yes, please!  The caramel is swirled perfectly through the cookie, making it extra chewy.  If you look closely enough you can see it (insert heart eyes emoji here)! It perfectly complements the chocolate and makes for an overall divine cookie experience.  If you like a little extra something special with your chocolate chip cookie, you’ll love this!


Try all the things. And maybe take a seat on their rooftop patio.

  1. Appetizer: Quinn’s Burrata

  2. Pizza: Saturday Night and Roasted Goat

  3. Dessert: Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie (obviously) and the Strawberry Shortcake (fresh berries, cream cheese whipped cream and an orange sauce that’s out of this world. Need I say more?)


You’ll find The Hall’s in the alley at 9th Street and Hudson in Midtown.  It’s a little off the beaten path, which makes it that much more fun to visit.  There are also lots of great places to visit within walking distance, preferably when it's patio weather.  After you enjoy The Hall's rooftop, skip downstairs to Barrios for a margarita on their blissful patio and then over to R&J's for a club special with some tiki flair.  And now I wish it were summer. *sigh*

Hall's Pizza Infographic.png
Roxy's Ice Cream Social


I have to confess, I prefer to have my chocolate chip cookies with ice cream instead of milk.  And there’s no better place to find this combination than at Roxy’s Ice Cream Social.  Their homemade ice cream is thick, creamy and pairs perfectly with two giant chocolate chip cookies.  Their cookies are pretty stiff because they’ve got to hold an enormous scoop of cookies and cream ice cream.  But they’ve got a great chip-to-dough ratio and aren’t too rich.  This is important, because if the cookie is too rich, you won’t be able to eat the ice cream with it.  And who wants to miss out on ice cream?  Not me!  They also have two other cookie sandwiches: the Plain Jane with vanilla ice cream and the Mean Green with pistachio.  Since they all feature two delicious chocolate chip cookies, there’s no need to try just one!



Roxy’s first storefront is in the middle of my favorite district in Oklahoma City—the Plaza District.  Before you get your Cookie Monster, you should grab a slice of pizza at Empire Slice House.  My favorite is the Ghostface Killah that’s topped with pepperoni and BBQ chips (don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it).  You may also want a Macaroni Pony grilled cheese sandwich at The Mule or a fancy mashed potato bowl at The Press.  After eating all the Plaza delicacies, I recommend to walk it off by visiting the unique shops that line the street.  Come hungry and plan to stay for a while!


The location I frequent is at 1732 NW 16th Street, and it’s the cutest ice cream shop I’ve ever seen.  With yellow striped walls and a blue sky ceiling, it’s always a sunny day at Roxy’s.  You can find all of their locations or ice cream truck at

Roxy's Infographic.png