Mac to the MAX



What happens when you take the sweetest treat in France and throw in a splash of an American classic? A new intercontinental delicacy, that’s what.

Cafe Disco has given us a gift, Oklahoma City. They have perfected both, the French macaron and an edible chocolate chip cookie dough, and combined them to create one perfect little bite. Let’s get to the details!

The Cookie Dough Mac

  • This macaron is Cafe Disco’s August special so (first thing’s first), you’ve got to get there soon to enjoy it!

  • The macaron cookies are baked with a basic almond flavor. They are light, uniform in texture and appearance (little critique I received from The Great British Baking Show) and allow the cookie dough filling to shine.

  • They nailed the cookie dough filling with a classic, equal-parts-white-and-brown-sugar taste and tiny chunks of chocolate to round it out.

  • Don’t worry—the dough is safe to each. And guess what? The mac and dough are both gluten-free!


The Cookie Tour Stop

Cafe Disco is a cute little macaron shop in nestled in the heart of Downtown Oklahoma City. Their specialties are Macs (macarons) and Capps (cappucino), which is a pretty perfect pairing if you ask me. The owner, Amanda Sakurai, has a passion for macarons and it shines through the care she takes to present them.

When you visit Cafe Disco, you walk into Oklahoma City’s historic Main Street Arcade to find an airy bistro with a rainbow of macarons waiting to be chosen from the case. With a comfy pink couch and tables built for two, Cafe Disco is the perfect place to sit and catch up with someone you love.

As for flavors, I’ve yet to find one I haven’t enjoyed. Of course I’m obsessed with this month’s special, but strawberry, honey lavender and chocolate with salted caramel have all given me the heart eyes.


While You’re There

The Arcade is home to more than just Cafe Disco. You’ll also find a gorgeous nail salon and OKC’s most Instagram-worthy bar. Bar Arbolada (known affectionately as Abracadabra by my friends) has the coolest vibe as well as refreshing cocktails on a summer day. It’s a local favorite for a casual happy hour or special celebration. It’s also within walking distance to another one of my most-frequented places, the Civic Center Music Hall. What? Did we just plan your next girls’ night? Mani/pedis at Revel 8, pre-show Macs and Capps at Cafe Discco, a fabulous musical or ballet, and then post-show drinks. BRB, texting my friends with the plan…

In the meantime, why don’t you dance your way downtown and try this gem? I’ll see you there!