Okie Dough-kie!


Ida Red General Store

Cookie Dough Milk Shake & Okie Dough | Tulsa

Ida Red General Store was another stop on the Tulsa Cookie Crawl.  It was our last stop, in fact, and I fell in love!  It’s a good old-fashioned soda fountain with Oklahoma-themed gifts and apparel cute enough to make even a Texan want to buy it.  (I know those are strong words, Texans, but if you visit Ida Red I think you’ll agree.) 

For the Cookie Crawl, Ida Red created edible cookie dough dubbed “Okie Dough.”  A true classic chocolate chip, the dough had great texture, sweetness and a great chip-to-dough ratio.  It was light and tasty.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to catch Okie Dough when it’s on special, but it’s worth looking for!


The staple they have on-hand is their cookie dough milk shake.  YUM!  It had chunks of cookie dough and was topped off with whipped cream and a cherry.  I decided that when one is cookie crawling, there’s no need to cut back on calories.  This is always true for Cookie Touring, as well.  The shake was thick, milky and delicious.  It’s a nice way to mix it up when you’re craving cookies and ice cream.  Might as well just blend it all together!   



As I mentioned, Ida Red is a general store and soda fountain.  Their staff was the friendliest I’ve found in Tulsa, so grab a barstool at the soda fountain and chat a while!  They gave us great recommendations and an extra special experience.   Aside from friendly faces, this store boasts a fantastic selection of Oklahoma swag.  If you’re looking for a souvenir, this is your go-to spot.  


Ida Red sits just across the street from Antoinette Baking Co., so there is no shortage of sweets on that block.  I recommend that you create your own Cookie Tour and visit both stops!  Maybe do yourself a favor and visit some of the other creative shops in the district in between—your stomach will thank you.