Tulsa Cookie Crawl

On May 6th, I participated in what might be the greatest annual event in Tulsa (sorry, Mayfest).  The Cookie Crawl!  Bakeries across Tulsa come together to highlight chocolate chip cookies in all their glory.  There are all types of cookies:  vegan, gluten-free, orange chocolate chip, sea salt, triple chocolate.  And then there are treats inspired by the classic:  cookie dough chocolate truffles, milkshakes, shot glasses.  There was almost more than my cookie-loving heart could handle.  My fellow cookie enthusiasts and I had the best time walking the Brady District and trying every cookie we could get our hands on.  A special thanks to all those who made this event possible!

You can follow my Cookie Crawl experience on my Instagram featured stories at @Cookie.Tour.  Hopefully, this can inspire your next trip to Tulsa!