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Süss Cookie Co. | Midway, Utah

Hello, Cookie Tourists!  I apologize for my long absence.  I have traveled and tasted and continued the Cookie Tour, but I’ve been holding out on you.  I have so many sweets to share and can’t wait to bring them to you! 

I thought I’d start with sharing one of my all-time favorite visits.  I had the great fortune of visiting Süss Cookie Co. in Midway, Utah and meeting its lovely owner, Jess Larson.  Meeting Jess during my October trip to Utah still stands as one of the highlights of my Cookie Tour.  Her cookie philosophy is the same as mine—it’s all about connecting with other people.  I remember Jess saying, “Cookies came easily.  It’s all about the people for me.”  You really can tell how much love and care is poured into every batch!  Every bit of Süss is thoughtfully created.  From the cookies to the packaging to the smiling faces who bake all the goodness, Süss truly represents “the sweet life.”


I connected with Jess via Instagram after I ran across her cookies in Pink Elephant Coffee.  Pink Elephant is on the second floor of a cute little shop on Main Street in Park City.  Park City quickly became my Heaven, but I digress.  Süss Cookie Co. made just about every “Best of Utah” list I found before my trip, so I couldn’t believe my good fortune that I found one of their cookies on my first day.  I posted a photo of the Süss cookie and Jess was so kind as to send me a message and invite me to visit her shop.  I was floored!  Because of their hours and the way my trip fell, the only time to go was early in the morning before my flight on Monday.  As you can probably tell, it was more than worth the 20 minute drive down the mountain at seven a.m.!


Jess and her staff quickly welcomed me into their store as they continued their prep for the day.  I saw mountains of dough and racks of freshly baked cookies stacked high.  We talked about our love of cookies and how Jess got started baking in her home.  She said her business quickly took over her kitchen and she and her husband decided to make the leap and open the shop in Midway.  Now with another store in Provo, I’d say Süss Cookie Co. is a hit!  


Now, let’s get to the cookies!  You know I tried the Classic Chocolate Chip first.  It is pillowy perfection.  You will get the full effect of my enthusiasm for this cookie if I quote my notes from the visit:

”Suuuuuuper soft and doughy.  Not a bit of crisp.  Not much chocolate, but the dough is the star.  It even tastes doughy without being under cooked.  A mystery!!”

You know I also said each of those phrases aloud to my friends.  So, traveling and tasting with me is a lot.  My poor, poor friends...

Let’s walk through the rest of the cookies from Süss.   All of them are absolutely incredible.  But before we do, I’m going to do you a favor and let you know that they DELIVER NATIONWIDE.  You can order here ——>

There is even a Süss Cookie Club.  YOU GUYS.  A DOZEN COOKIES PER MONTH. Add to cart now.   

Prepare to fall in love... 


 Gingersnap & Coconut Joy


Double chocolate chip


Pumpkin & Snickerdoodle




Jess sent me home with this precious box of cookies and, honestly, I can’t believe they didn’t get eaten while we were still at the airport!  I shared a few with my travel buddies and would like to say a special thank you to my friend Kyle, who graciously cared for the bag of cookies when I already had too many bags to carry them on myself. 

The biggest thanks goes to Jess for this amazing cookie experience.  Jess, please come visit!  I’ll be your Oklahoma tour guide anytime—first stop is The Merc