Split American Kitchen


Chocolate Chip Cookie | San Francisco

This was the first cookie I happened upon during my trip to San Francisco.  Chippy, thick and all-around delicious, Split’s chocolate chip cookie is a can’t-miss.

Just look at this thing.  It’s crumbly.  It’s soft.  And when you look at the photo, you can see that it’s dripping with butter.  The chocolate chips are a little smaller than you usually see, but there are A LOT of them so there’s chocolate in every bite.  The texture is perfection.  The cookie’s density and chewiness all the way to the edges make it a standout.  Top it all off with a little bit of sea salt and you’ve got cookie heaven.



Try the burger.  Those who know me, know I’m an all-American girl.  I like cheeseburgers, fries and ice cream to go with my cookies.  I’m not going to start a Burger Tour anytime soon, but you can trust me when I say that I know a good one when I see one.  


Split has a few locations in San Francisco.  I went to the Yerba Buena location during a quick lunch break at a conference and loved its classic style.  Check out their web site to find them!  Spliteats.com