Chop Me Off a Chocolate Chip!


Chocolate Chip Cookie | New Orleans

A great chocolate chip cookie in a butcher shop? Only in New Orleans!  We all know that New Orleans is infamous for incredible food.  One of my favorite things about dining in NOLA is that it is never predictable.  Their chefs create unimaginable combinations of flavors and foods.  The most impressive thing about this?  They do it all really well.  

Cochon Butcher is no different.  Their cuts of meat are impeccable and, yes, the cookies are perfection.  I stumbled upon Cochon Butcher while I was taking a lunch break from a conference.  Walkable from the convention center, this local gem is a must-try. 

Alright, now for the cookie.  Its size is just right—big enough to satisfy your craving but not so big that you’ll feel bad about it.  It’s got a hint of crispness on the edges but they’re still thick and chewy.  Speaking of chewy, let’s talk about that center.  MMM-MMM.  Chewy and full of chocolate.  Cochon’s cookie isn’t too sweet and the chocolate is outstanding.  It’s nice and light and I ate the entire thing.  Can’t stop won’t stop.


The Cookie Tour Stop

Cochon Butcher is located in the Warehouse District.  It’s the more casual sibling of Cochon, which serves upscale Cajun Southern cooking.  Cochon Butcher is more than just a sandwich shop.  It’s a revival of the butcher shop with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and beautiful charcuterie.  It’s got an eclectic vibe and the best sandwich you’ll ever have (sandwich people, don’t @ me).  


While You’re There

I don’t even know what to tell you to try, because I hate to limit your options!  I will say that I had the Cuban with their homemade potato chips and it was the best Cuban sandwich I’ve ever had.  Their commitment to quality meats is what really stands out here, but no detail is missed.  How about I ask you to try whichever sandwich you like and report back?  I am drooling just thinking about eating there again, so I’m going to need some suggestions to ponder before my next trip to NOLA.